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Founder Hints at $3 Billion BTC Purchase, Explains New Bitcoin-Linked Tokenomics

Terra founder Do Kwon hinted at a future purchase of $3 billion worth of bitcoin to supply the reserves of the protocol in a recent Twitter Space shared with bitcoin enthusiast Udi Wertheimer. In the same Space, Do Kwon explained the new mechanics that the Terra ecosystem is introducing in order to use bitcoin as collateral for its flagship decentralized stablecoin, UST. Do Kwon Directs the Terra Ecosystem to Bitcoin Do Kwon, founder of Terra and Terraform Labs, made some important announcements regarding the future of the Terra ecosystem and its tokens in a Twitter Space hosted by Udi Wertheimer. One of these announcements has to do with the inclusion of new token mechanics that take into consideration some form of bitcoin in the Terra ecosystem. In this regard, Kwon announced Terra is

working toward bringing a form of tokenized bitcoin to the Terra blockchain in the most decentralized form possible. Kwon also explained that with the inclusion of bitcoin, UST would become a hybrid stablecoin, allowing users to exchange $1 worth of UST for $0.99 worth of BTC. This would effectively allow users to redeem BTC by using UST for a premium of 1%, almost in the same way that LUNA is being used right now. Kwon clarified that these mechanics will be explained in the near future in a more detailed way. When asked about why Terra chose bitcoin as a reserve asset, Kwon stated: I mean a couple of reasons here, but put simply, bitcoin is the only hard reserve asset that’s been proven out of the digital currencies… It is very difficult for somebody in crypto to question bitcoin. Bitcoin Explosion Kwon expects this new tokenized version of bitcoin in the Terra ecosystem to become the de facto reserve currency of many protocols built on top of the chain, expanding to be part of every smart contract application that holds any treasury.有鉴于此, 蒲龙宣告有关比特币Terra的数量将在短期购买的数量。 Terraform Labs Ceo表明,该公司有预算在短期内购买了30亿美元的比特币,并宣告没有买到这一比特币的大部分。 经过宣告“议定书”,经过Luna Foundation Guard方案完毕,方案成为前述意图的惯例买家比特币。 在这个Storybitcoin,抵押品,Do Kwon,Luna,Terra,Terraform Labs,Ustwat的标签,您怎么看待Do kwon在Udi Wertheimer的空间所作的公告?请在下面的谈论部分告知咱们。 Sergio Goschenko Sergio是一名根据委内瑞拉的加密钱银记者。他将自己描绘为游戏,在2017年12月产生的价格上涨时进入暗码圈。具有委内瑞拉的计算机工程布景,并遭到社会层面的加密钱银昌盛的影响,他供给了不同的观念关于加密成功以及它怎么协助unbank和服务缺乏。

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